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Keys To Customizing A Solenoid Valve For A Hydraulic System

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A lot of hydraulic systems rely on solenoid valves because of their ability to control the flow of hydraulic fluid. If you want to customize one of these valves for a hydraulic system, in particular, be sure to take these helpful actions. 

Focus on High-Quality Parts

Whatever unique designs you come up with for a solenoid valve that will be used to control the flow of hydraulic fluid for a system, you want all of the parts to be high-quality. These components include the seals, fixed core, disc, diaphragm, and body. 

As long as all of these components are well-made and built to last, you can trust that the custom solenoid valve will support your hydraulic operations for a long time to come. The part quality for this valve comes down to things like materials and protective coatings applied before installation. 

Work With a Manufacturer That Is Familiar With Hydraulic Systems

To ensure manufacturing turns out great for a custom solenoid valve being used for hydraulic fluid, make sure your manufacturer is already well-versed in hydraulic systems. Then you won't have to go out of your way to explain specs and feature preferences. They'll know how manufacturing needs to play out, such as the materials your valve needs to be made of and the type of flow it needs to provide. They can help you work past design obstacles too, which might be needed if you're not familiar with developing custom solenoid valves.

Get on the Same Page With the Engineering Team

Once you find the right manufacturer to put together this custom solenoid valve, you'll start working with an engineering team. They're responsible for refining the designs of this valve so that it works perfectly with your hydraulic system.

You just want to make sure you stay on the same page with this engineering team throughout your valve's development. That will help you avoid wasting time and keep the costs of this valve in a manageable range. Whenever you have questions or requests, let your engineering team know immediately. Also, stay available just in case this team needs to reach out for further clarity on a major detail. 

If you plan on customizing a solenoid valve for a hydraulic system, there are a bunch of things you need to focus on. Above everything else, make sure you work with a skilled manufacturer and do things that aid this relationship to ensure your valve comes out of manufacturing perfectly. 

Contact a local manufacturer to learn more about custom solenoid valves.