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Planning A Long-Distance Move? 3 Questions To Ask Your Moving Service

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When it comes to planning a cross-country move, the best thing you can do is hire a moving company. You could rent a truck, and tackle the process as a do-it-yourself project, but that's not necessarily the best option. In fact, trying to navigate a cross-country move on your own can actually increase your workload and your stress levels. One of the great things about hiring a moving company is that they handle all the heavy lifting for you. However, there are some questions you'll need to ask before you hire movers. Here are three questions you should ask when hiring a moving company for your cross-country move. 

Do They Provide Extra Services?

When hiring a moving service for a long-distance move, you want to find out about any additional services they might provide. Some of those services include packing and unpacking, as well as loading and unloading. These extra services can eliminate most of the work that you need to do during your move. If you have fragile belongings, you also want to find out if your moving company provides special handling for those items. 

Are There Additional Charges?

If you're ready to hire a moving company for your long-distance move, and you want to keep track of the costs, be sure to ask about additional charges. It's not uncommon for moving companies to charge additional fees. However, it's important for you to understand those fees before you sign the contract. Some additional fees you can expect to pay include costs for oversized items, fuel surcharges, and late arrivals. 

Oversized Items

If you have large, or bulky items, be sure to ask about additional charges. Moving companies often charge more for this type of item. 

Fuel Surcharge

If you're planning a cross-country move, you need to identify any possible fuel surcharges, which can be added for additional refueling stops. 

Late Arrivals

If you plan to make stops along the way, be sure to identify any costs associated with late arrivals. Some moving companies charge a fee if they arrive on location before you do. If there is a late arrival fee, you'll want to adjust your travel schedule or plan for this expense in your budget. 

Will There Be Other Stops?

Finally, if you're preparing for a cross-country move, and you're in the process of hiring a moving company, don't forget to ask about additional stops. Some moving companies will schedule multiple moves along the same route. That way, they can make the most of their time. When hiring a moving company, be sure to identify additional stops along the way. That way, you can track the progress of your belongings.