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Top Things You May Want To Know About Outside Diameter Grinding

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You might know that grinding is used in various ways in the machining industry, but you might not know anything about outside diameter grinding. Outside diameter grinding is a popular machining technique for a few reasons. These are some of the things that you may want to know about outside diameter grinding.

Special Grinding Equipment is Needed

You might already have grinders that can be used for grinding down surfaces, but you should know that special equipment is needed for outside diameter grinding. The machine is designed to rotate the item that you are grinding so that grinding can be done evenly. There are smaller outside diameter grinding machines that are used for smaller projects in smaller shops, but there are also bigger machines that can be used on bigger, industrial-grade projects. Many machine shops have multiple outside diameter grinding machines so they can provide this service for customers who have varying needs.

It Refers to the Exterior Surface of the Item

The reason why outside diameter grinding is named this way is that it refers to grinding that is done on the outside surface of your item. Different grinding tools are typically used for interior grinding that might need to be done.

Grinding Can Be Done on Different Materials

Most commonly, outside diameter grinding is done on metal items, since it's highly effective at grinding down metal surfaces of all different kinds. However, some machine shops have the proper machinery to perform outside diameter grinding on other materials, such as wood or even plastic. You can always call your machine shop ahead of time to talk to them about the type of item that you need to have outside diameter grinding done on, and they can let you know whether or not they have the right machinery for the job.

It's Great for Rounding and Fixing Imperfections

One reason why outside diameter grinding is commonly used is that it helps with making surfaces more rounded. If your item has more of an oval shape but needs to be round, for example, outside diameter grinding is helpful. It's also great for smoothing exterior surfaces and fixing imperfections that might be present.

Grinding is very common in the machining industry. You can hire a machine shop to help you with outside diameter grinding, or if you want to be able to handle your own machining in-house, you may want to invest in grinding machinery that can be used for outside diameter grinding. Either way, once you experience the benefits of outside diameter grinding, you will probably realize why it's a popular technique in the machining industry.

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