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How to Protect Your Employees When They Clean With Ammonia

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As you might already realize, ammonia is a very effective cleaning solution. Therefore, you might want to make use of ammonia in your place of business. You could be concerned about your employees being put at risk while cleaning with ammonia, but if you follow the advice below, you can help ensure that your employees can use ammonia for cleaning tasks without putting themselves at unnecessary risk.

Make Sure Ammonia Is Stored Properly

Ammonia should always be stored properly. It should be properly labeled so that there is no confusion about what is inside the bottle or container. The container that it is stored in should be designed for use for storing products like ammonia. Then, you can make sure that the ammonia will not "eat" its way through the plastic or other materials that the container is made from.

Provide Recommendations About Appropriate Dilution Levels

Ammonia should be used at different concentrations, based on what you are cleaning or using the ammonia for. Make sure that your employees are educated about the proper dilution levels that they should be using, and consider providing a chart that they can consult if they are unsure about the mixture that they need for the job at hand. Working with ammonia that is properly diluted is critical to prevent injury, prevent finishes from being damaged, and ensure that the appropriate cleaning and the sanitizing job is done.

Make Sure There Is Ample Ventilation

Ammonia has a very strong odor, and the fumes from ammonia can be harmful to anyone who is working with or near it. Therefore, anytime that your employees are using ammonia for cleaning, you should make sure that windows are open, fans are running, and other steps are taken to ensure that there is ample ventilation throughout the building.

Provide Them With the Right Safety Gear

When working with ammonia, your employees should wear gloves to protect their hands from chemical burns and skin irritation, and they should wear eye protection to prevent ammonia from splashing into their eyes. Some employees might prefer to wear a mask to help protect themselves from the fumes. Consider supplying your employees with this safety gear and personal protection gear so that they will have what they need to keep themselves safe.

If you want to make sure that your employees stay safe when working with ammonia, make sure that you follow the advice above. For more information, contact services that sell Aqua Ammonia.