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Sanitize Surfaces That Are Touched Frequently

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Ultraviolet C is one of the invisible light rays given off by the sun. Ultraviolet technology has been used to design a sanitizing pen that will kill germs on everyday surfaces that are encountered while spending time at home, at work, or at a public venue or a retail establishment.

Overlooked Or Undertreated Surfaces

Stopping by a public restroom or selecting a cart at a local grocery store may subject you to coming into contact with many germs. Because you may be following a busy schedule and do not always take the time to wipe down surfaces that are touched frequently, you may be touching multiple dirty surfaces each day. Even surfaces that appear to be clean could contain many germs that are invisible to the eye.

A UV-C sanitizing pen looks similar to a wand. It is a portable device that can be used to treat porous or non-porous surfaces within seconds. After a sanitizing pen has been fully charged and activated, move the pen tip over each item that you wish to sanitize. You will not need to pick up or move any item that is being treated.

Over 99% of bacteria will be eradicated. A pen contains a safety cover, which will protect your eyes and skin from the ultraviolet rays that are emitted during each sanitizing session. Sanitizing in this manner is discreet and a pen will not make any noise during each application.

Beneficial To Everyone In Your Family

Owning a UV-C sanitizing pen may make you more conscious of potentially dirty surfaces that you or others come into contact with. If you have small children or pets, use a pen to disinfect toys, utensils, and other items that your children will be handling. Sanitize your pet's bedding, leash, or other essentials that are used daily. Practicing daily sanitizing sessions may result in fewer sicknesses in your household.

You and your loved ones will have peace of mind, no matter what type of setting is being visited. If you purchase a pen that includes a travel bag, power cord, and charging station, bring the equipment with you whenever you will be spending time away from your home for more than one night. As long as you charge the pen before leaving your home, the battery will remain active for several hours and this will allow ample time to use the pen to disinfect a multitude of surfaces. Recharge the battery as needed.

For more information on UV-C sanitizing pens, contact a local provider.