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Hydrovacing: Use It To Excavate Your Frozen Land

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If you're on a tight deadline and need to excavate frozen land soon, you want to take the fastest and most effective route possible. However, traditional excavating techniques might not work well in frozen or icy conditions. In this case, you want to use a hydrovacing system for your project. Learn how hydrovacing frozen land works below.

How Does Hydrovacing Frozen Land Work?

Most businesses and companies use traditional excavating methods to clear, clean, or prepare land. Although traditional excavating methods can work in most cases, the methods may not be right for frozen terrain or soil. Frozen land can be dangerous to work with in some circumstances. The hydrovac process (or hydrovacing) may be a better solution for you.

Contractors use the hydrovac process to inject streams of water into a select area of land. As water breaks through the icy soil, it creates a slurry. Contractors use a vacuum-like device attached to a large truck to suction up the slurry. Once the land is free of icy soil, you can install pipes, poles, beams, or other types of materials inside it.

If you'd like to use a hydrovac system in your project, contact a service provider soon.

What Should You Expect From Hydrovacing Your Land?

A service provider will need to determine what type of hydrovacing system to use for your project. For example, if the land you need to break down is compacted with large amounts of frozen soil, a contractor may need to use a large capacity system for your project. The system may come with a large holding tank to contain the slurry.

After a hydrovac contractor determines the type of system you need, they'll:

  • assess the area for electrical wiring and other things that could cause injuries
  • bring in extra help or people to work on the site
  • place barriers around the hydrovacing site to keep pedestrians away from the area

Unless there's something wrong with your site, such as the presence of chemicals or other dangerous substances, a contractor may only use a hydrovacing system to excavate the land. If a contractor does require additional equipment for the project, they'll inform you as soon as possible. 

Also, if you experience any changes in your deadline or schedule, inform a contractor immediately. A contractor may be able to work around the changes with minimal issues.

Learn more about hydrovacing frozen land by contacting a contractor today.