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6 Tips For Preparing Your Business For A Terrorist Attack

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It is important to be prepared in the event that a terrorist attack occurs in any venue. However, terrorism preparedness can be especially important for some types of businesses, such as marinas, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, and airports. If your company does not currently have a terrorism preparedness plan, use the following tips:

Risk Analysis

The first step in preparing for a terrorist attack is to know your company's vulnerabilities so you can do your best to create a plan that provides as much protection as possible and also ensures that all employees and management stay safe.

Create Safety Protocols

One of the best ways to make sure that all employees react properly in the event of a terrorist attack is to create a comprehensive safety plan that pertains to a possible attack. It is essential that all staff understand how to communicate in an emergency and how to evacuate safely when needed.

Consider Hiring Additional Security

Depending on the type of company you have, it may be a good idea to hire additional security to protect the premises and the employees from terrorist activities. Companies that are at a high risk of an attack may want to hire anti-terrorist security officers. These types of officers from companies like Security Services Northwest, Inc are specially trained to provide protection and respond appropriately in the event of a terrorist attack.

Continual Education

It is not enough to create a terrorist attack preparedness plan and outline the procedures only once. Make it a point to continually educate your employees about what to do if your company if affected by a dangerous terrorist attack. Doing so will ensure that all employees are completely clear on the protocols and will know how to react in a chaotic and dangerous situation.

Conduct Drills

In addition to outlining the company's terrorist attack preparedness plan in meetings, it can be very helpful to conduct drills on a regular basis so employees can receive some hands on training and have a clearer idea of what steps to take in an emergency. Make sure that all emergency exits are identified and marked in order to make the drill efficient.

Consider Insurance

If your company is at high risk for a terrorist attack, you may want to consider taking out extra insurance for financial protection should an attack ever happen. Speak to your company's insurance provider to see if extra insurance makes sense your your situation.