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Raising Money For Your Class Trip

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If you are a new schoolteacher and you wish to take your students on a class trip this coming school year, finding the funds to pay for the excursion will be necessary. Many schools will partake in fundraising activities to minimize the burden of the expense from parents and the school itself. Here are some fun ways to raise money for your students' class trip, making them excited about collecting the necessary funds on their own.

Sell School Supplies To Other Students

Set up an area in the front of the school each morning so those getting off buses will have an opportunity to browse exciting products to use during the school day. Scented pencils, erasers, trendy notebooks, and stickers are all appropriate items to sell. Send a flyer to each classroom indicating which days the sale will be conducted to students make sure to bring in a few dollars to purchase fun supplies during the sale.

Hold A School Fair For The Community

Consider hosting an event at your school where members of the community would enjoy entertainment, games, food, and companionship. Include face painting or games of chance for quick moneymaking. Sell tickets for a 50/50 drawing to entice others to try winning some cash of their own. Have your students put on a talent contest or sporting event to raise interest to those in the area to stop by to watch. 

Host A Contest Within The School

Announce to students that your class will be hosting a contest to win a prize. Place several jellybeans, marbles, or stones inside a large see-through container. Count the number of items as they are placed inside. Put the container in a well-seen area in the school. At lunchtime, allow students to fill out their guess for the number of items in the tank. Charge a quarter for each guess. At the end of the contest, announce the winner and reward them with a prize.

Hold A Tricky Tray Or Flea Market

Many people enjoy getting rid of items in their home they do no longer wish to keep. Ask parents and community members to donate their unwanted items to sell in a flea market on the school property. This is a great way to make money and pass on treasures to people who may want them. Another idea is to place the items inside baskets and hold a tricky tray event. Each person attending would be given tickets with a unique number. The attendees would then look at the items at the tricky tray and place tickets in cups in front of the baskets they wish to win. Allow participants a few hours to browse the prizes and make their selections. At calling time, have one of your students reach into each cup to draw a winner for the prize.

With school fundraising projects, you can improve your funding for class trips and supplies.