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Aesthetically Pleasing Privacy Fence Options

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Do you have an area that needs to be blocked off, but you don't want anything too permanent? Are ordinary fences not decorative enough for your needs? When you want privacy or just want to conceal an unattractive area, sometimes ordinary chain link or brick fences aren't sufficient. Whether you're partitioning an indoor or outdoor area, here are some ideas and tips for you:

Bamboo screen: Bamboo can be an attractive fencing material. It's relatively lightweight, allowing it to be moved easily from place to place, and is often relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately, bamboo can be incredibly invasive when it's alive. As a result, you should avoid planting live bamboo as a privacy fence. Its invasive nature means that you should also be aware of the source of any pre-made bamboo screens, to avoid any that might be planted in a potentially environmentally damaging location. But as long as you know where the bamboo was sourced, a bamboo privacy fence can be a good choice for some people. 

Ivy privacy fence: Ivy is an attractive plant that lends a timeless look to many locations. Like bamboo, living ivy can sometimes be considered a vigorous and invasive plant. Fortunately, unlike bamboo, there are imitation alternatives. A man-made ivy privacy fence has all of the visual appeal of a living ivy fence, with fewer downsides. Since the ivy isn't alive, you need not worry about watering it or making sure it has sufficient sunlight. You also won't have to trim your ivy privacy fence to make sure that it won't grow where you don't want it. And unlike many silk flowers of decades past, a good ivy privacy fence won't look artificial. 

Lattice fencing: When you don't need the more complete concealment offered by a bamboo or ivy privacy fence, a lattice fence might work for you. A lattice fence affords partial privacy, while still allowing air and light to come through. Where an ivy fence might partially muffle some sound or a bamboo fence can block most light, a lattice fence does none of these. This makes it a good option for partitioning off an area where it doesn't matter if whatever is behind it can be seen or if there needs to be airflow. For example, an unsightly ground air conditioning unit may be best concealed with a lattice fence. This way air can still get to the unit, but it'll be less obvious that an air conditioner is there.