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Breast Implants And Cremation: What You Need To Know

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If you have had a loved one die recently, you may have opted to have them cremated per their requests. However, when you went to sign the cremation forms, you may have noticed you had to answer some questions. Some of the questions may include whether your loved one had an artificial hip or knee or a pacemaker. This makes sense, as these items contain metal that may melt or batteries that can explode. As such, they need to be removed before cremation starts. Another question may be whether your loved one has any saline or silicone breast implants. When you see this, you may wonder why the cremation service wants to know this. Here is some information you should know about breast implants and cremation.  

Why Do Breast Implants Need to Be Removed Prior to Cremation?

The reason a cremation service asks about breast implants prior to cremation is because breast implants do not completely melt inside the crematory or chamber in which the cremation takes place. Instead, they explode when heated, leaving behind a sticky residue. Unfortunately, this residue can get on your loved one's ashes and leave a mess behind that has to be thoroughly cleaned up.

What If You Don't Know Your Loved One Had Breast Implants?

If you do not know whether your loved one has had loved ones, don't worry. First off, both the doctor signing off on the death and the coroner who performed the autopsy are asked this question. Unfortunately, though, mistakes do still happen, and a body is cremated without anyone realizing that breast implants are still in place. In these instances, there is nothing that can be done as mistakes happen.    

Can the Implants Be Left in for the Viewing?

If you or a loved one has breast implants and are planning on having a viewing prior to being cremated, you may be wondering if breast implants can be left in or if they are removed during the autopsy. A coroner does not remove breast implants. This is done by the funeral home or cremation service. As such, your breast implants can remain in place during a viewing.   

Any foreign item in the body has the potential to be damaging to a crematorium. This is why you may be asked if someone has any foreign bodies in their body before a cremation takes place. Getting answers to the questions you have will better help you to understand how cremation is affected when someone has breast implants. Contact local cremation services, such as those from, for further assistance.