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The Dos And Don'ts Of Planning Your Household Move

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If you are planning on moving to a new residence, the earlier you plan, the better off you will be. There are some things you need to do before hand, but also some things to remember not to do. If you are new to the moving process, the following dos and don'ts can help.

Do: Get some sort of help

When you have a busy schedule and just don't have time to pack your own boxes, don't fret. There are moving companies that provide full service, which means they not only move your belongings, but they pack everything up for you as well. You just need to tell them what to pack in which boxes. They get everything packed and labeled, and they also disassemble furniture. After moving belongings to your new home, the full-service movers then unpack boxes into the rooms you designate and assemble furniture if you request it. 

If you'd rather do things yourself, you should still enlist the help of friends, family, or neighbors to help you get packed up more quickly.

Don't: Forget to schedule backup helpers

Have more than one person who is willing to help, just in case the first person falls through. This is a good idea whether you have a few friends helping or are hiring a moving company. You don't want to get a call about a change in the schedule an hour before you are meant to start moving. It is best for your own peace of mind to prepare for last-minute changes and schedule backups. Ask friends or family members if they would be around to help if the movers can't make it or if your original group of people are unable to get there in time.

Do: Label boxes with their contents

Whether you or the movers are packing boxes, make sure they are all labeled. Don't just write the room of the home, but also try to be specific with the contents. You will be glad to know which box the toaster is in the day after you move in so you can make breakfast without going through every kitchen box. It also helps when you decide some boxes won't be unpacked for a while and will instead be going into the garage or storage.

Don't: Pack boxes too heavy

Be careful not to pack your boxes too heavy, as they not only become difficult to carry, but could also collapse. If you are packing a large box, it becomes tempting to stuff as many items in as possible. With these sizes, try to only put a few heavier items, and have the rest of the box filled with lighter items, such as pillows or clothing.

Do: Get "moving night" bags together

As you pack up items, have every family member get together a moving night bag that includes all essentials they need for that night and the next morning. It should include items like pajamas and a change of clothes for the next day, toiletries, and some bottled water and snacks at the very least.

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