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4 Things A Temporary Staffing Company Needs To Know

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When you run a company that sees a major jump in business during the holiday season, you need to be sure that you properly staffed to handle the surge of business. When running a business, it can often be difficult to take the time to interview multiple candidates for the positions you need to fill because you have so many other priorities to take care of before the rush hits. If you need to have positions filled before the holiday season hits, consider hiring a temporary staffing company to help you get the crew you need quickly and easily. The following guide walks you through the things that the company will need to know in order to provide you with the staff you need during this particularly busy time of the year.

Background Requirements

There are people of all backgrounds who go to temporary employment agencies to find jobs. If someone needs to pass specific background checks in order to do the jobs that you have available, you need to let the staffing agency know. They will ensure that each candidate can pass the background checks required and that none of them have a criminal history that would cause them to be disqualified for any of the positions you have available.

Computer Expertise Required

You need to let the company know if the candidates need to have computer skills. If the staff will be working on a computer system or will need to be trained on a specific system, understanding the basics of computers can make the process much easier.

Strength Requirements

If the positions you have available require a lot of heavy lifting, be sure to let the company know. You do not want someone to come to work for you who cannot lift the items that you need to have lifted on a daily basis. The company can ensure that each potential candidate knows what physical requirements they will need to meet before they even apply for the jobs.

Time Commitment Required

Each potential employee needs to know the time commitment required for the jobs that are available. Some workers will only be looking for part-time hours, while others may be looking for more. Letting the employees know exactly how many hours they will need to work will ensure they can determine if it is the right time commitment for them.

Once the temporary staffing company has all of this information, they can attempt to find people to fill the positions you have available. You will still get to interview the final candidates for the jobs and make the ultimate decision for who comes to work for your business and who does not. Contact a company like Elite Staffing Partners to get started.