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Curing Your Customers' Boredom At The Laundromat

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Some customers may not want to travel to a laundromat because doing laundry can be tedious. However, there are some ways you can help cure your customers' boredom, either through entertainment or by doing your customer's work for him or her.

Offer Internet

High-speed Internet is one of the major selling points for laundromats. Sitting and waiting for laundry to be completed can be very boring, but if you install high-speed Internet, your customers can find ways to entertain themselves. Make sure to provide tables where customers can place their laptops and other mobile devices. Set-up comfortable chairs and couches. Keep the area clean so customers will want to return.

Provide Entertainment

Set up other forms of entertainment for customers who do not have time to grab a book or laptop. Include at least one TV and place it in a visible location. Include reading material. Even eating can serve as a distraction and will also provide you with an additional source of income. Candy, soda, and snack machines are common options.

Give the Kids Something to Do

Many parents bring children with them, so try to set up the laundromat in a way that can be entertaining to kids. For example, place a treasure chest in the room that contains toys. Toys are usually the least expensive way that kids can be kept entertained. Place entertainments away from exits.

Provide Pickup Services

If going to a laundromat is still not appealing to your customers, you should provide services that allow your customers to simply drop off their laundry so they can then perform their other errands. For an extra fee, your employees can perform laundry that customers drop off. Another option is to provide pickup laundry services where your customers do not have to visit your laundromat at all.

Your wash-and-fold service is responsible for identifying each item and the washing requirements for these items. Your customers will be responsible for making sure that your clothing items do not get mixed up with each other. Usually, you will charge by the pound to simplify the process. You should consider providing additional services such as having a shirt or blouse pressed. Also, you may consider providing a hand-washing service for certain delicate items such as silk.

Decorate the Interior

While there are a lot of features that can attract customers to a business, you will also want to make sure that you think of unique features that will differentiate your business from others like it. Laundromats are usually seen as being not very warm or inviting places, but there's no reason why you couldn't hire an interior designer to make the laundromat more appealing.

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