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Four Functional Purposes of a Storage Unit for Organized Homes

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There are items that really don't need to be around your house all of the time. It can be beneficial to have these items out of the way and organized in a storage unit, ready for when you need them down the line. Here are for very practical reasons a storage unit might help you organize your household.

1. Seasonal Items

You don't need to have plastic bins filled with holiday items sitting in the living room or taking up closet space. If there are items that you won't use 11 months of the year, you can get these out of the way and into storage. Always do a second sweep of the home when the holidays are over to make sure that all of the trimmings have been packed before heading to storage.

2. Hand-Me-Downs

If you have kids a few years apart, you might want to keep certain toys and clothing around for when your younger child is old enough to enjoy these. Get these packed up and store out of the way until they are needed. Be sure to box up items labelled with an age range, so when your younger child is ready for hand-me-downs you will have these ready to go.

3. Family Heirlooms

If you have been handed down antique items or family furnishings, these might be near and dear to your heart. That doesn't mean that these necessarily fit into your current lifestyle. If you have young kids or active pets, you might want to store up special housewares until there is a calmer point in your life that you can enjoy these.

4. Gifts to Keep a Surprise

If your family is full of snoops, then you know that no place is secret. Your family might look everywhere if they know that they might be able to find what you've gotten them. A great place to keep these hidden is in your storage unit, locked up so you can properly surprise your family members when the time comes.

If you are smart about it, a storage unit doesn't need to be filled with things that you want to forget about. Get organized and make your storage unit more of an extension of your home with items that you will actively use at one point or another. Be sure to have things accessible and ready to go in your storage unit, labeled and available you need them. Click here for more info about storage units.