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Deciding Where To Place An Air Conditioning Unit

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If you are planning on having an air conditioning unit installed in your home, placement makes a difference in the amount of cool air you will feel when it is working. The proper location will also help you save on the amount you spend on electricity needed to run your unit. Here are some points to consider when deciding where to install an air conditioning unit, helping it run efficiently as a result.

Keep Away From Heat

Do not install your air conditioning unit near any type of heat source, as it would need to work harder in cooling the area, making it stay on longer and making it come on more often. Keep air conditioning out of kitchens and away from appliances that let off a lot of heat, such as washing machines and dryers. Make sure the outside part of your air conditioner is not in direct sunlight, as this will make it work harder to give off cool air, as well. Put it in an area that has shade to maximize efficiency.

Watch For Obstructions

When placing an air conditioner, make sure the way the air is directed has nothing obstructing its path. Keep furniture away from the air conditioner not only in front of it but also on the sides so that the air will have unrestricted flow, reaching all portions of the room. Do not place an air conditioner where an opening door will block the flow, as well.

Use Room Shape To Decide

If your room is not rectangular or square, and has alcoves or hallways included in the room perimeter, place the air conditioner in the largest part of the room. Placing it in a more narrow space will just waste the air, as it will be restricted by walls. Placing it in a wide-open area will help redirect it to areas of the room you are more likely to use. 

Keep Away From Beds

Do not place your air conditioner right over your bed. If you are using a movable room unit, keep it away from your sleeping quarters, as well. It is not safe to have an electrical appliance plugged into an outlet near your mattress, as it runs the risk of fire. It is also not good for your respiratory system to be breathing direct air conditioning. You may become uncomfortable during the night if the temperature is not adjusted appropriately, as well.

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