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What You Should Know About Mattress Toppers

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If you are currently in search of a new mattress, you should also consider getting a mattress topper. There are many excellent mattress toppers to choose from, which all provide exceptional benefits. Here is more information about mattress toppers.

What is a mattress topper?

First of all, it helps to know a little more about what a mattress topper is and how it can benefit you. A mattress topper is not the same thing as a mattress pad, though that confusion is common. A mattress pad is meant to protect your bed from various allergens and dust mites, while a mattress topper is more for extra cushioning and better temperature regulation. It is extremely common to use both a mattress pad and a mattress topper. The mattress topper is made of comfortable materials so it can turn a regular mattress into one that feels like a pillow-top mattress. You can also use them on top of pillowtop mattresses for additional comfort.

How does a mattress topper help you?

There are a variety of benefits to using a mattress topper. First of all, it can help to improve the comfort of your old mattress until you are able to buy a new one. This is a great way to get a little better support if the cushioning on your mattress is starting to sink. However, mattress toppers are also beneficial when you have a brand new mattress. They can prevent your mattress from sinking so quickly. Some mattress toppers are made from memory foam, allowing you to get adequate support for arthritis and relieve pressure on your joints.

What types of mattress toppers are available?

When you start shopping for mattress toppers, you will find a variety of them to choose from. Here are some of the mattress toppers to consider:

  • Memory foam – A popular option for mattress toppers is memory foam. This material molds around your body shape so that every time you lie on your mattress, it fits you perfectly. Memory foam is extremely soft and very comfortable. It is also excellent if you experience pains due to aging.
  • Latex – Latex is often used when making mattress toppers. This is a type of liquid that is found in rubber trees. The best latex mattress toppers are made from natural latex, not synthetic. With latex, they can often be antimicrobial and not worsen allergies, have excellent support for painful joints, and are extremely durable.
  • Polyester blend – You might also find a mattress topper made from polyester blends. This is a more affordable type of topper with no weird odors and provides better softness for your mattress. On the downside, it doesn't hold onto its original cushion for as long and can become lumpy.

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