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The Right Way To Winterize An Outdoor AC Unit

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If you live in an area prone to cold weather, you are probably worried about how to keep your outdoor air conditioning system protected from weather damage this winter and ensure it still works come spring. Although your AC condenser is designed to tough it out through heavy snowfall and rain, it may still be prone to damage especially during extremely harsh winters.

Conventional methods of preventing winter damage in outdoor AC unit involve wrapping it up with plastic bags, and bungee cords to keep out the ice and water. However, this can result in more harm than good, as it allows moisture and debris to get trapped on the surface of the unit, resulting in rust and water damage especially on a metallic cover. Here is a look at how to properly cover your AC unit during winter.

Clean off the outside of your unit

This is the first step to winterizing your outdoor AC unit, regardless of whether it has a metallic or plastic casing. Use a water hose to clean out the casing so as to remove any leaves, dust or other debris that has accumulated on the condenser prior to winter.

This will enable you to closely inspect the cover for any cracks that would let in moisture and dust. If you notice any damage to the casing, call in a professional to replace it with a new one. A new cover is economical and worthwhile to purchase, as it affordable and would prevent any further weather wear, rust and clogging to the condenser.

The area around your unit should also be cleared of any clutter that can be blown into the unit leading to clogging. Clearing bushes, leaves and sticks around the unit can also keep insects and animals away from the unit, preventing animal damage.

Cover the top of the unit with plywood

Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to completely wrap up your unit during winter, as this would trap condensation, residual debris and small animals inside the unit. What you need is to set a large piece of plywood on top of the unit to keep falling leaves, insects, sleet and ice from reaching the unit casing.

Use a rock or brick to secure the plywood, and you are done. Be sure to periodically remove snow and debris trapped on the plywood, as the extra weight will only strain the casing and cause structural damage. Contact Air Conditioning & Heating Inc for more information.