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Metal Shingles For A Home: The Pros, Cons & Installation Costs

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Are you tired of worrying about rainwater damaging the asphalt shingles on your roof? You may want to consider replacing them with metal shingles because they cause a lot of the problems associated with asphalt. In this article, learn about the pros and cons of investing in metal shingles and the cost to get them installed.

What are the Pros & Cons of Metal Shingles?

Metal shingles are ideal because they are able to remain durable after expose to a lot of rain. The metal will not grow mildew or rot away from water sitting on the roof for a long time. You won't actually have to worry about water sitting on the roof because the slippery metal makes it easy for water to fall off, especially with a sloped roof. A few of the other pros associated with metal shingles include:

  • Resistance to fire
  • Does not attract pests
  • Fast & easy installation process
  • Reflects sun heat away from the interior

Although metal shingles are a great roofing choice, there are still a few cons you should know about before making a decision. The cons of metal shingles include:

  • Can become dented
  • Water can cause rust
  • Noisy during hail & rainstorms

Keep in mind that although water can cause metal to rust, the problem can be prevented if you get a sealant placed on the shingles. Paint is a great way to prevent metal shingles from rusting and it can add to the appeal of the roof. Noise levels can also be reduced by getting soundproof insulation installed under the shingles.

How Much Does Metal Shingles Cost?

The price of metal shingles depends on what kind of metal you are interested in. The shingles are available in copper, steel and aluminum. You can end up paying over $39,600 for metal shingles for a ranch-style house. However, the price will be cheaper based on the actual square footage of your roof and how it is designed. Roofs with steep slopes can make the installation process more complicated, so you will have to spend more money for the task to be done.

Make problems with asphalt shingles a thing of the past by investing in metal shingles. You will be proud of the investment no matter how expensive it may be because metal shingles are highly durable. Contact a roofing contractor specialist to get the installation process started so you can enjoy a roof with fewer maintenance needs!